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Nigerians are not safe in Nigeria, why would they be safe elsewhere? Nigerian government has no regards for its citizens, why should South Africans value Nigerian lives? Why are Nigerians even struggling to flee to other countries? It us because our Government has failed us in the first place. Otherwise, why would the Federal Government take such brutality as this calmly? Which is why it has become an annual event.
South Africans have so hastily forgotten their history, would they know their future?


By  Tunde Fapohunda (MD)

The killings of Some African nationals especially Nigerians in south African has now become a yearly open season for committing genocide against them. Despite the FG sending feeble yearly messages to the South African government, this has only emboldened this murderous South Africans to carry out their evil act with impunity yet the FG can only send a message of condemnation.

Why is it that, at the slightest rumour of some alleged Nigerians or Africans misdemeanour all hell will break loose. True some immigrants have been carrying out various nefarious activities in the host nation but then South Africa is understood to have a rule of law that underpin its society but this seems to have disappeared in recent times and replaced with Isis like savagery except without the suicide bombers. Most indigenous black south Africans have low economic prospects which has resulted partly in resentment…

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I raise a toast to a happy, successful and exciting 2017 to all of us.

Making it into the new year is a big feat, a big leap for all of us that made it thus far considering the number of people we personally know who did not make it.

That should give us enough reason to make every moment of everyday of 2017 count. At least I hope it will for me.

I am not one for new year resolutions because I do not keep them. But I have just two goals for 2017. No idea of how to go about them yet though. But they say that where there is a will, there is a way!

I do not want to bore us this early in the year. I just wanted to wish all of us the best of the year and encourage us to become better persons in 2017.


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Love is very complicated. It’s such a complex thing yet so beautiful if one finds it – true love at that. A love that can withstand all the frictions that encroaches on the peace in most relationships. No two people are perfect but once you desire for a lasting relationship, then be ready to pay the price by being committed. This means that one must not allow the flaws to destroy the bond and friendship that exist with one’s partner.

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Today is the International Day of the Girl Child and the theme for this year is Girls’ Progress = Goals’ Progress: What Counts for Girls.

In the spirit of today’s celebration therefore, I share with you this post from PLAN International on making our cities safer for girls. This is just one out of the myriad issues faced by girls around the world. In our own little corner, we can all contribute our little quota to making our world better and safer for the girl child.

Make cities safer for girls

Cities around the world aren’t safe for girls. Plan International research shows that girls often don’t feel safe in their own cities, and the fear of abuse and harassment means that there are no-go areas, making girls pick up their pace as they walk home.

For the first time in history there are more people living in cities than in rural areas, and by 2030 around 700 million girls will be living in cities. As a result, girls’ safety in cities is becoming a global problem which must be addressed.

In October, world leaders will meet in Quito, Ecuador, for the third United Nations’ Conference on Housing and Sustainable Urban Development (Habitat III). We’re asking these authorities to make girls the priority when considering future city planning.





96% of adolescent girls

don’t feel safe in Delhi

just 2.2% of girls

say they felt safe in public spaces in Lima

48% of British women

said they felt unsafe walking alone after dark when they were of school age

Around the world we’ve listened to girls as they tell us why they feel they have to pick up the pace as they walk through their cities. “I pick up the pace when I am alone in a dark street and I don’t feel safe,” says Amal, 13 from Cairo.

Plan International runs programmes in cities around the world aimed at empowering girls and enabling them to become advocates for their cities’ safety. Girls in Delhi, Kampala, Lima, Hanoi, and Habitat III host-city Quito, have told us about their daily experiences:

“On the streets there’s a lot of crime, I feel threatened and in the shadows, there could be someone waiting to rob you, kidnap you or even rape you.” Maribel, 19, Quito.

Almost two thirds of adult women in Britain say they feel unsafe walking alone after dark. Almost half felt the same way when they were of school age. This is in contrast to 33 per cent of adult men and 35% per cent of men when they were of school age. Men and women living in urban areas felt more unsafe walking alone after dark than those living in rural areas.


This once-in-a-generation conference could shape the way cities are designed in the future, so we must make sure that the world leaders in Quito listen to young people and make our cities safer for girls.

Supported by Plan International, Maribel, along with other youth campaigners from Ecuador, will be delivering the global petition at the UN Conference in mid-October – let’s make sure they deliver the message that people around the world want girls to be free of abuse and harassment as they walk to and from school or their home.

“ These changes are needed in every corner of the world, not just in one or two countries. With support from around the world, we can go from feeling like a small voice, to one large, united force, making sure world leaders hear us loud and clear.” Maribel, Quito.


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