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Are you even aware of how bad the CHANGE is Dear Mr. President?

Remember that during your campaign you promised to deliver to us a better Nigeria, a Nigeria flowing with milk, honey, peace and prosperity? You promised us CHANGE Mr. President and so, gullible and eager Nigerians voted for you, chanting SAI BABA! SAI CHANGE! Thinking you stand for all the things we yearn for.


Dear Mr. President, I am sure you will feel you have accomplished some things in your fourteen months in office, which might probably be true. What with the selective fight against corruption, your transparency moves, the fight against boko haram even as the Chibok girls are yet to be returned home, and so on and so forth.

Now, here are the CHANGES I see every day on Nigerian streets and villages Dear Mr. President – I see HUNGER AND STARVATION. Mr. President, your children are dying of malnutrition. Maybe a visit to a couple of villages can give you a shove in the right direction and open your eyes to the fact that the rate of hunger in the land has become an emergency health issue. I am writing this as one who has seen these sufferings first hand, but there is really very little I can do compared to what you, Dear President can do.  I was told by those that witnessed this level of malnutrition during the Nigerian Civil war that what is happening now is beginning to be like what was experienced during the war.

According to UNICEF, over 2.5 million Nigerian children are suffering from severe acute malnutrition. However, no amount of quoting figures can propel you to action faster than a firsthand experience.

The direct effect of malnutrition is disease. Maybe a tour of ‘chemist shops’, local health centers, maternity homes and hospitals can make you sit up faster Dear Mr. President? The number of children severely ill from malnutrition is simply overwhelming. They are malnourished and thus have little or no resistance against diseases. Malaria kills them faster because they cannot fight it with their low immunity and lack of money.  From the clinic where I am, the picture is disheartening. Children of various ages come in looking pale, anemic and hungry.  The parents delay coming to the clinic till the worst moment but would rather use local herbs or visit quacks, guess why? Even after treatment, recovery is delayed for too long and sometimes there is relapse because there is no proper nutrition to sustain them. Anemia, kwashiorkor and the likes are staring us in the face.

The cost of living has gone so high Dear Mr. President, that parents cannot feed their children properly. When you are able to buy the food, the cost of kerosene suggests to you that you might want to try eating the food raw. Basically, people in the rural areas rely on kerosene and firewood for cooking and for the fact that we are in the rainy season, kerosene becomes the ultimate for those that can afford a kerosene stove and a liter of kerosene sells for #250. Do the Mathematics.

The worst thing that can happen to a mother is to watch her child die when mere #2000 in her purse would have saved that child’s life. And in case you think these poor folks are lazy, I will inform you that just one of them works harder than your entire House of Assembly members put together in a given day. They till the lands with their hands, nurture it, all without Government subsidy. They undertake different forms of hard labour that push them to early graves just to eke out a living, yet it hardly provides three-square meals for their families. Some of them have brothers and aunties that used to assist from the cities, but they have been sacked due to the austerity measures in the land.

Dear Mr. President, if the Nigerian masses cannot feel any positive impact of your administration, if all they see and feel are anger, depression, hunger, starvation, diseases, death, crimes, unemployment, anarchy, chaos and terrorism, then permit me to say Mr. President that your administration is woefully failing Nigerians. If you tell us that more refineries are now functional, yet we cannot afford the petroleum products, you tell us that looted funds are being recovered, that so and so country gave you so and so billion dollars, yet Nigeria is more broke than ever before, that is bullshit if you ask me. If you say you are subsidizing agriculture, yet the local farmer cannot even buy fertilizer, that you are giving  us laudable economic policies still we cannot afford to buy ordinary fish from the market, what do you call that Sir? CHANGE?



Around this time a year ago, Nigerian cyber space and air waves were agog with the fake news that everybody must bathe with salt water so as to avoid the deadly ebola virus spreading within the country as at that time. In fact, the number of calls and messages you get on this warning will tell you how important you are to the people around you.



There was this joke on facebook that if your mother is alive and did not call you that nightto admonish you to bathe with salt, then you must be worse than the devil. And so we complied with the injuction- literate and illiterates alike. What a laugh!

Believe me, more than 70% of Nigerians complied, even resulting in the death of some especially those who were hypertensive. Of all my close friends and family, only one of my friends did not succumb to the pressure to join the bandwagon and he could not stop laughing at us silly people.

However, my people say that Nkolika, meaning that living to tell it the tales is best. Thank God we survived that terrible stage in our nation’s history and still waxing stronger.

Mr Sawyer, a Liberian transported the dreaded ebola virus disease from his country to Nigeria but thanks to God, with the help of our heroine, Dr. Stella Adadevoh who fought the disease with her life, Nigeria conquered.


Dr. Adadevoh

Recording 21 cases of the disease and 9 deaths, Nigeria was declared ebola free by WHO on 20th October 2014.
To God be the glory

Pictures culled from the internet o

I personally think that these days, the mantra should be, “YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT”. The rate at which incurable diseases are springing up seems to be in direct proportion to the rate at which we devour processed and unhealthy foods. In my opinion, there is a direct link. Thus it is safe to say we are what we eat.

We are in June, but I bet the number of people that you know that have died this year is many. I am alarmed myself, if you are not. In all my stay on this earth, I have never had as much people as I know die within such a short period of time as this year. I have reached the point of getting scared of picking certain calls, like when I see the identity of people that rarely call me on the screen of my phone. I am like… ‘please, not again’. If someone wears a long face and begins a statement with certain exclamations or lamentations about life, I automatically want to block my ears or move away from there before they release the bombshell.

I do not feel bad just because people are leaving the earth, it shocks me because YOUNG people are leaving the earth en-mass! Like they are on some mass exodus or something. I am not trying to say that they all died because they were not eating healthy, but I know that what we consume plays an important role in the kind of health we enjoy and how long we enjoy it.

Young people nowadays suffer from diabetes, hypertension, cancer, and all such deadly diseases. Why is that rampant now more than before. Some of these diseases are hereditary, some just come from nowhere, but most times, we invite them ourselves when we make unhealthy food the master in our daily menu. We neglect the natural foods, vegetables and fruits that boost our immune system.

I guess not everybody likes their life, but in case you do, or you care that other people depend on you and love you, please watch what you eat. For me, I think dwelling on pasta, noodles, snacks, soft drinks, alcoholic drinks, and all those fast food junks makes you more foolish and liable to die young than the big boy/girl/man/woman status you think it portrays. Yea, some feel they have arrived when people see that their diet consists mainly of these health killers not realizing that they are doing themselves more harm than good.

Generally, healthy living is the key to good health. Young man, the hustling and bustling should be done in moderation, ladies, take it easy on the worries and anxieties. Life is too precious and short. Many people die not knowing where the monies and possessions they have been laboring for are. Even your enemies might get a part of the loot when you are gone. Do not let people– relatives, friends, church, or anybody – pressurize you into an early grave. What is that earthly possession that is worth losing your life over? Some of us labour so much that we forgot what it means to enjoy the simple things of life.

Eat right, Live right, Enjoy life, Stay alive!

I know people who died of cancer or presently suffering from the disease, I know you probably do too. So you see, cancer is no longer just a disease you hear of from the media, it is among us. As the prevalence rate increases without any definite cure yet, we are left with a myriad of dos and donts to help us fight the numerous types of cancer besieging human race.

Yesterday was world cancer day and I was wondering how much you and I know about cancer and how we can fight against it. It was announced yesterday that cancer is currently the number one cause of death in China! Other statistics will show also that cancer is spreading like wild fire. Information/knowledge is power and that is the best way to wage this war since scientists tell us that cancer is caused mainly by lifestyle, environment and genes.
We need to be aware of its causes and how to protect ourselves because whom God is protecting need to protect himself too.

Going through the long list of cancer causing agents (carcinogens), it seems to me that everything on the face of the earth that is not in its natural form is capable of causing cancer (even some in their natural forms!).

Did you know that these agents can cause cancer over time?

i. Chemicals found in certain foods, especially processed and charred foods and other daily consumer products like anti antiperspirants, cosmetics, flame retardants, stain removers, etcetera.

ii. Exhaust fumes, tobacco/cigarette smoking;

iii. Chemical emissions from sun, gamma/x-rays, asbestos, base stations, towers, etc

iv. Dietary imbalances which can result in obesity (reports say that obesity has overtaken tobacco as the leading preventable cause of cancer in America) and such.

v. Chronic infections like hepatitis B and C, HIV, resulting in chronic inflammation.

vi. Genetic dispositions inherited from family members.

Those who know tell us to avoid eating this, to stay away from that, desist from using this and that and one cannot but wonder how one can avoid all that and still survive, don’t you? But we must try as much as we can.
Here are some dos and donts to stay healthy and beat cancer

i. Take control of your life style. Avoid junk/processed foods, charred foods and food with saturated and trans fats like red meat, whole milk dairy products, butter, eggs, alcohol and so on. This is because such foods have among other things, high sugar content and sugar raises the risk of cancer.
We are therefore advised to eat more of vegetables and fruits with enough water. So instead of munching on that meat pie as you work, eat an apple, rather than gulp down that bottle of beer or soft drink during lunch, drink water or naturally prepared fruit juice. Reduce the intake of barbecued meat also. Substitute fish for meat and if you must eat meat, go for chicken and turkey and remove the skin too. Then of course, whole grains are very good too because of their fiber content.

ii. Avoid electromagnetic fields emanating from cell phones, towers and base stations. If you must be exposed to radiation, maybe due to your job, be sure to be well kitted, you know, the health and safety stuffs, to reduce the amount of these rays that go into your body.

iii. Replace/reduce the use of most of these daily consumer products like antiperspirants, diapers, dry cleaning agents, hair spray, and so on. These products contain parabens and aluminium chloride which are carcinogens. Check the contents of what you want to buy, if you can do without or make a switch to save your life, better.

iv. Ladies, you are advised to go for bras that do not have underwire and if you must use diapers, change them as often as possible and go for bright coloured underwears too.

v. Exercise, exercise, exercise!!!, your life might depend on it.

I cannot possibly exhaust the list of what and what to avoid so as fight this dreaded disease. Some of us will say, eh, our fore fathers ate everything yet they did not even know about cancer. Brother, sister, let us tell ourselves the truth, what you and I eat now is not what our fore fathers ate. The kind of sedentary lifestyle we live is direct opposite of theirs. Therefore, be mindful of what you eat and what you feed your children with. Their lunch boxes should contain enough vegetables and fruits rather than noodles and sugar laden juices.

The way we prepare and eat these diets play important roles too. Do not overcook your vegetables. Fruits should be properly washed, preferably with soft fruit brushes. Vegetables and fruits are better eaten raw to maximize their nutrient contents. Avoid foods that have molds and the ones that are charred, especially meat.

Sugar – Cancer Connection
Cancer cells require glucose to thrive. What this entails for us is that one can starve the cancer cells or prevent them from forming in the first place by eliminating its main food source which includes sugar and all other non-vegetable carbohydrates.

Here is a list of known foods that help fight cancer:
i. Apple
ii. Cherry
iii. Grapefruit
iv. Legumes (dry beans, peas too)
v. Whole grains like wheat, corn
vi. Walnut
vii. Soy
viii. Grape
ix. Guava
x. Water melon
xi. Tomatoes
xii. Carrot
xiii. Dark green leafy vegetables
xiv. Spinach
xv. Garlic
xvi. Water

Don’t you think it is time to switch from unhealthy processed foods to healthy diet of whole unprocessed foods?
Health is wealth! If cancer can conquer renowned scientists, doctors, pharmacists, including our own Dora Akunyili, what are you waiting for to change your lifestyle?
Early detection saves life too, therefore monitor your body for any changes always, go for medical checkups once in a while. A stitch in time saves millions

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