This emptiness can be chilling. It can be killing.


Unfulfilled life leaves you empty. Love gone sour leaves you empty. Death leaves you empty. A life without purpose leaves you empty. An unexamined life leaves you empty, and on and on. What has the power of inflicting that feeling of emptiness in you? Empty pocket, maybe?


It is only a feeling, you are really not empty. One can never be empty.
Your heart or life, as the case may be, may feel empty, but it cannot be empty really. While you are feeling empty, you are probably filled with dreams that were never nurtured to reality. You may be filled with deep sorrow and pains at your loss, or anger and bitterness at everything and everyone, but never empty.

If you let it in the door, it will find itself the most comfortable seat – this emptiness. It will relax and wreak havoc, sometimes irreparable. It will suck you deeper and deeper into its dark abyss.


You are probably better off filling the emptiness rather than merely feeling it. If you fail to fill it, it will fill you – with depression, sadness, poverty, a life without purpose.

Filling the emptiness we feel, how do you do that? With unrestricted sex? Unlimited Pornography? Masturbation? Dark hatred? Constant clubbing? Marriage to alcohol?


Or you are filling it by living on your phone 24/7? That is probably an easy way out for most of us, surf through the web like someone bewitched, scrolling from Facebook to Instagram, from Twitter to Whatsapp and to God knows what – all in pursuit of fulfillment.

These are excellent means of filling and fueling the void. The only teeny fault with those methods is that they create more vacuum. Sex is not powerful enough to fill the void you feel inside, neither is alcohol.

Living within the confines of your phone can only be as effective as a virtual living. It will make you dwell in the virtual world while your life rushes towards its end fruitlessly.

At the moment, it feels like so much fun, like life couldn’t be any better. But, they are mere diversions that can dull the reality of it but can never fill it, not for long anyway.

An unexamined life is not worth living so says Socrates. To fill that emptiness you feel inside, live an examined life. Do not hide under the cloak of hatred and addiction to ruin things further.

Learn to trust and love again even though it is once bitten, twice shy. Love is more powerful. If you should have an addiction, let it be love addiction.

Find your purpose in life, then you will have something to pursue, a dream to turn into reality, a goal to achieve, hurdles to surmount, destinations to reach.
Funny how time flies. We look back years later and regretfully realize that we have wasted so much of our talents, love and resources.


Best part is that it is never too late to unlearn bad habits and learn and relearn good ones.