Letting go.
Holding on.
Which road to follow?
Follow the path of least effort and risk the joys  of the unknown?

She hurt you where it pains the most. He messed with your emotions terribly. It was supposed to be a deal breaker. It was that devastating, I know. Maybe it was even the last straw in a series of blows; it was supposed to break the camel’s back. 

The camel kept limping, dragging itself. The shattered deal though broken, still binds. You gathered the pieces even though you know, that like a fragile shattered glass, they would never be able to be in one piece again.

But you are hoping against hope. You are wishing for a miracle of some sorts. You are willing to give it one more chance, just one more. After all, to err is human, to forgive is divine. You want to be divine for a change. You want to hold on.


He is the love of your life. She is the best you have ever met. You may never find one this awesome. You may live the rest of your life without such a solid shoulder to lean on. Then where will you be? You’d be doomed eternally?

Mere thinking about letting go sends ripples of shivers down your spine. You envisage a life without her for a moment and fear threatens to cripple you. You see an unfulfilled life, a life of emptiness, misery and loneliness. You know it – that living without him would be hell.

Do you also know that you have been feeding yourself with a truckload of mumbo-jumbo? Are you self-aware enough to realize that all that is bullshit? Please do yourself a favor and wake up.

She was the love of your life, or so you thought till the chips came crashing down. He was the best lover but that is because you are yet to meet the genius lover. She was the soul mate you grieve for without knowing that the best is always ahead.

At some point, you know deep down that letting go would be your best option. Yet you stick around, hoping for things to fall back in pleasant places. Sometimes they do, sometimes they fall completely apart.

When they fall farther apart, when they break into tiny pieces, will you be wise enough to know that they cannot fall back into place, that they cannot be mended? Or will you cloud your usual sound judgment with sentiments and emotions?

Knowing that sometimes, letting go is the only road, knowing when it is time to change lanes might be your life saver. There are those moments when the only wise thing to do is to let go. Yea, open your palms and let it go.


Thinking it would be the end of your life is fear trying to rule you and ruin you. No one human being is that indispensible. Each of us is so dispensable that it will amaze you when you discover it. No one is irreplaceable, the best lover, the most beautiful partner, the most supportive of friends, the most generous spouse, all are replaceable.

Remember Beyoncé’s Irreplaceable? That’s a fact of life, replacing someone is easier than your mind tells you.

Rather than stay where you are not wanted, saunter off into a brighter future, yes, a more exciting future.


Rather than endure more heartbreaks, stroll into a more loving arm. Life is full of endless possibilities, the next step, no matter how tough, is bound to take you away from pains into pleasure. Don’t look back, lest like Lot’s wife, you remain in quicksand.

Rise above that stifling fear of the unknown, take my hands, and let us take this stroll together…