Dear WordPress and its inhabitants, I have missed you dearly. I have not posted in ages due to many silly excuses I kept giving myself.

But this is a new month, a new day, a new beginning, new challenges, new opportunities, and of course, a new post all in the same old Alluring n Young blog.

I must have disappointed a lot of people by my absence, I apologise. I pray I get the long lasting motivation, inspiration and zeal required to stay on the radar more.

It is good to be back again. A lot of things have been happening to me and in the world around me and topmost among them is still the issues facing women which seem to be escalating. take domestic violence for instance, it is becoming damn too rampant.  stock-vector-domestic-violence-stop-abuse-women-341550677.jpg

But on the other hand, I feel that more women are finding their voices, seeking freedom and happiness, individually and in groups, drawing strength and courage from each other, and that is commendable.

My country on its part has been going through so many storms that it is beginning to feel like we are gonna be stuck in it longer, but God forbid. What with the ill and absent President and the dwindling economy. The environment still suffers from various forms of degradation from oil exploration.


Gas flaring

But We have hope, sometimes that is all we have, sometimes, it is what we need to survive.

On another level, sex education and sex related issues are coming up in public discussions more often than ever before in Nigeria. Who would have thought that Nigeria and Nigerians can one day begin to discuss sex openly and freely on the social media to the point of creating groups whose sole purpose is to discus sex. I did not know I would live to see that day, but alas, it is here upon us and I am glad.

On that note, I welcome me back and welcome you back. Please ride with me as we continue on this journey of finding our voice… finding happiness.