Nigerians are not safe in Nigeria, why would they be safe elsewhere? Nigerian government has no regards for its citizens, why should South Africans value Nigerian lives? Why are Nigerians even struggling to flee to other countries? It us because our Government has failed us in the first place. Otherwise, why would the Federal Government take such brutality as this calmly? Which is why it has become an annual event.
South Africans have so hastily forgotten their history, would they know their future?


By  Tunde Fapohunda (MD)

The killings of Some African nationals especially Nigerians in south African has now become a yearly open season for committing genocide against them. Despite the FG sending feeble yearly messages to the South African government, this has only emboldened this murderous South Africans to carry out their evil act with impunity yet the FG can only send a message of condemnation.

Why is it that, at the slightest rumour of some alleged Nigerians or Africans misdemeanour all hell will break loose. True some immigrants have been carrying out various nefarious activities in the host nation but then South Africa is understood to have a rule of law that underpin its society but this seems to have disappeared in recent times and replaced with Isis like savagery except without the suicide bombers. Most indigenous black south Africans have low economic prospects which has resulted partly in resentment…

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