Yes, I know I have not posted in like forever, my sincere apologies please.

I could not let this day pass without joining my voice in celebrating the World Teachers Day. To every teacher that genuinely impacts the lives of others, especially that of younger ones, KUDOS!

Teaching job is an ardous task knowing that some of us pupils and students make it too hard for them. I have tried it and come to realise that it is not a child’s play. It makes me appreciate teachers more.They are over worked, underpaid and unaporeciated, yet they forge on.

In a special way therefore, I celebrate every man and woman that has impacted any form of knowledge in me right from my nursery school days to my university days till this moment in my life.I could not have been a great student, yet you guys were patient enough to mould me into this wonderful person that I am today. Where would I be without you guys? I shudder to imagine it.

I reminisce and get nostalgic remembering my journey through school to my present destination. Looking back now, I realise that I never really encountered a ‘bad’ teacher because for me, a teacher is only bad when he or she molests the students, worse when it is sexual molestation. That is not my view while in school anyway but I know that now. Way back in school, a teacher that harasses and badgers us to learn more, to put in more, is looked at as ‘bad’. Imagine that level of stupidity.

I wish I could name all of my teachers here, but that would be impossible. But I acknowledge all of you especially the ones I looked down on as being ‘bad’ or inept… my sincere apologies. My gratitude goes to all of you.

In a special way, I also remember the teachers that have left this world. Professor Idorenyin Akpan is top on that list.

 I wish I can describe him here with mere words but words alone cannot do that. Idy as we called him then was smart, friendly, funny, ambitious and cunnier than a fox. He’d get you all laughing your heads off while teaching you the most important aspect of his lecture. You can miss the point while laughing or you can use the comics to remember the message. I remember that he is the one lecturer that will give a test the morning after a public holiday or celebrations especially Valentine’s day. You wonder why? Many students will not be back from the fun of the celebrations so they will miss the test! 

Prof, as I remember you today, I also remember the lovely family you left behind and pray that God be with them as they journey through life without you. Continue to rest in peace Sir!

Kudos to all the teachers around the world. You guys have one of the most important jobs on earth.