The world is full of misery and pains. The media overwhelm us with too many bad news than we can handle. Life throws many unexpected curves at us, some simply too curvy for us.

Are there any goodnews to be found anywhere? Any kind acts still existing around us? At first glance, it seems the answer is a fat NO.

But take your time and take a second look… yea, they are definitely there! Little acts of kindness, bits and pieces of goodnews.


That was the challenge for the past week. There are some kids I meet on daily basis in the community where I currently reside. Most of them are so loving and childish as only kids can be. Even the stubborn ones charm their way into my heart. One of them in particular cannot pass me anywhere without a shy hug and a smile. So I decided to celebrate my birthday with them. They have been kind to me in numerous ways, going on errands for me, accepting me into their community, being my friends with no strings attached.


They made my day in a special way, along with some other family and friends. I appreciate them all.

There is a radio programme around here where people can call in on certain days and talk about the challenges they are facing to see if there would be any good samaritan to help. It is through this medium that I came to realise that there are still many kind hearted people among us. They respond to these peoples’ pleas, go to hospitals to visit total strangers, contribute to pay their hospital bills, pray for them, do all manner of things to alleviate people’s sufferings – strangers at that!

A society I know in church has its sole mission to help the poor and the needy. From their pockets and donations, they assist the less privileged. What marvels me is the amount of sacrifice they put into this. It gives me hope for a better tomorrow.


Remember, we can all try a little kindness and be the change we want to see.