A midwife is a trained nurse who is selfless enough to leave everything just to see us safely delivered into this world.


May 5th of every year is set aside to appreciate these women and men who sacrifice their time, talent, and treasure to help bring babies into this world.

Lately I have been working closely with midwives and I think that they are top on my list of favourite professionals.

They are caring, supportive, optimistic, damned courageous, ever battle ready, patient. Ever seen a delivery in progress? Witnessed the gross stuffs they do, including packing away the poo that accompanies the delivery?

They could have seen millions of deliveries, yet they treat each case with so much care and enthusiasm like it is their first.


They are there to encourage and hold the labouring mother’s hand, they’d do anything within their power to make sure the baby is delivered successfully.

They function at the grassroot to assist mothers and their babies. They advise both mothers and their partners, letting them drink from the pool of their experiences.

Forget about those few that mistakenly found their way into midwifery, I am focusing on the wonderful majority of them who would go the extra mile to ensure smooth delivery.

These days that many young girls are trooping into the nursing field mostly for the financial gains and opportunities, I hope they would find it in them to still be the light to mothers and their unborn babies.

It is yet an opportunity to task the government to provide the remote villages and countrysides with more midwives and medical equipment so as to reduce maternal mortality. Improved funding is also a necessary.


In a very special way, I appreciate my Mother for being a midwife per excellence! Her life of love and sacrifice towards mothers and their babies often bring tears to my eyes. May you along with all other wonderful midwives reap the fruits of your labours.

Long live Nigerian Midwives some of whom work tirelessly in very harsh conditions and with ancient equipment!
Long live all the world’s midwives as they strive to make our world a better place!