This is an SOS to the international community and whoever cares.

Ese was only thirteen when she was abducted in August 2015 from her mother’s shop by Yinusa, her mother’s customer in Bayelsa state. He took her to Kano where he converted her to Islam and married her.

You can read the full story here so you can better grasp the details of the horrific incident.

Now read this part,

Responding to the incident, the Police Public
Relations Officer, Bayelsa State Police
Command, Mr. Asinim Butswat, said on Thursday
that it was a case of elopement, and not
Butswat, who spoke in a telephone interview, said
based on their findings, the boy in question
(Yinusa) told the police that he and Ese had been
But when reminded that Ese was only 14 years
old, and 13 when she was abducted, Butswat said
the police were of the position that the issue of
marriage did not arise in the matter.

Can you beat that?

The Emir of Kano where the Ese was taken to is the former Central Bank of Nigeria governor, Sanusi Lamido, a widely read and intelligent gentleman. Makes me wonder why he allows this happen right in his palace.

The Inspector General of police said they are awaiting the return of tje Emir from the holy land before the girl can be released. It gets better right?

It may interest you to note that the abductor has not even been apprehended by the police.

About two years ago, this type of atrocity was reported in a radio programme tagged hembelembe in Abuja. The parents of the girl reported to the producer of the programme who followed up the matter and met exactly the same obstacle as Ese’s parents. The Emir told them that the girl had converted willingly to Islam and so has no business with her parents.

If little Ese could not be released to her poor parents,why are we dreaming of rescuing the Chibok girls?

Since the Nigerian state has failed in rescuing Ese, since our laws function at will, since the Nigerian Constitution is irrelevant in certain matters, since certain individuals are above the law and the state, and since anybody can hide under the cloak of religion and perpetuate evil, I pledge the assistance of the internatoonal community.

You can join the #FreeEse campaign on twitter, shout it over the traditional and social media until justice is wrought!