I’m writing this as a sequel to my previous post which created a lot of hullabaloo, (I love that word).

First, I apologise to all my loved ones for being selfish with that post. I did not think of the consequences, I just wrote what I felt that exact moment, nothing more. I did not mean that I wanted to commit suicide, far from it. I am too important to wish for that.


I got a lot of very important lessons from that post, so it was not in vain. The best lesson I learnt was that love conquers all and I believe that now more than ever before. I conquered that moment with the love shown to me from the most unlikely places. Sometimes, we need these things to know where we stand with people. One person especially touched me in a deep way with so much love that I could not control my tears. She might feel embarrassed if I mention her name here, but big sis R, you know what you did and so does God.

So many other friends, some angry that I put that kind of stuff in public domain, some with pity (which I hate) and some who understood, thank you all. It was your love that pulled me up faster than any miracle could have.

Does any blogger realise the amount of love and friendship that exist in this blogosphere? I can attest to that! I love you guys for your understanding, patience and encouragement and support.

I did not know prior to this that I have this many people that really love me for who I am. I love you all.


I refuse to dwell on the few friends that were making snide remarks and posting self righteous posts and comments or those that cheered and jeered. They are such an insignificant number that their action does not matter at all.

Love conquers all. Sometimes we need to open ourselves up a bit, to show our vulnerabilities. Sometimes it is wise to share your burdens with the right people. Sometimes, the best way out is not to pretend that your life is perfect. Sometimes mind you… not always.

I love you my wonderful friends!♥♥♥♥

(photo credit goes to the rightful owners o)