Vex money… sounds strange right? Especially if you are not an average Nigerian lady.

When she gets asked out on a date by a guy, a sharp Nigerian babe ought to, as a matter of necessity, tuck some cash into her purse/pocket… just in case.


Things may get out of hand and you need to storm out in anger without waiting for the guy.

For instance, when his undisciplined hands keep groping or when his daft brain refuses to understand that NO actually means NO. You might need to take an abrupt leave and what happens when you do not have enough money for fare talk more of footing your own bills.

I still recall an incident that happened during my university days. My friends and I went out with some guys. We were just getting to know these guys you see, so there was even a greater need to take my vex money  along with me. It turned out that these guys were some sort of cult guys that needed companions for the night and the venue of the outing was not an area we were used to. When we realised what they were up to, it was all man for himself and God for us all. As if on cue, one of my friends and myself excused ourselves and went out. The third girl however did not take the cue.
After waiting for her for awhile outside the pub, we boarded a cab and went home. About an hour later, she came home and narrated how she almost got herself into a mess because she had not enough money on her for fare when the going got tough.

I went out with a couple of old friends yesterday and it fondly reminded me of vex money. Before I left home for the outing, I instinctively stashed some cash in my purse, not that I envisaged anything happening but it has become a part of me. A girl’s gotta take care of herself, ya?

I have been doing this from the moment I went out on my first date but I only got to know that the practice had a name years later.

Someone outside my country may not understand this fully. In this part of the world, the guy is expected to foot whatever bill that accrues in the course of the outing. So you see why there is the vex money phenomenon.

Or maybe you know the practice by a different name?

Happy new week dears.