Alluring n Young was nominated by my wonderful friend Emzlee who I frankly admire for her fun and insightful posts on Side By Side. This time around, it is the One Lovely Blog Award.


Thanks a lot Emz for believing in Alluring n Young.

This one has got simple, yet hard rules but fun all the same as it affords me the opportunity to ask myself that very pertinent question- Who am I?
Here are the seven rules:

*Thank the person/people who nominated you and
include a link to their blog.
*List the rules and display the award.
*Add 7 facts about yourself.
*Nominate other bloggers. (Emz wisely removed the number
of bloggers to nominate)
*Let them know they have been nominated.

Seven Facts about Ebele
♥ I can appear lazy when faced with a job/task that I do not care about or have no interest in but workaholic when doing what my heart loves.
♥I do not have a constant favourite anything- colours, food etc. They all change with time, weird?
♥Give me music, novels and travelling tickets and you have made my day.
♥Even though I am very feminine in appearance, I am tomboyish at heart.
♥I love exploring new things, places and events.
♥I often wonder why people think I am stubborn.
♥I LOVE the good things of life!

Well, that tip of the iceberg will be enough for now folks.

I have thought long and hard on who and who to nominate for this award because most of the blogs I follow are lovely too. So, I am nominating them all but in a very special way, I nominate Harry of Sad Music, Dark Literature and Positive
Thoughts 2 for having a very lovely and interesting blog.

So, there you have it. Thank you once again Emz for this award. Keep being lovely and sharing lovely posts with us.