An award to usher in 2016 seemed appropriate especially as WordPress recently reminded me that it is my two years anniversary of blogging with WordPress! Thus, this award holds a special place in my heart.


My great friend Harry from Sad Music, Dark Literature and Positive Thoughts 2 nominated me few weeks back for this award. (Forgive me for the delayed reply). Harry has been more than a friend, he is a huge inspiration to me and my blog and for these, I cannot thank him enough. He runs a wonderful blog and I’d advise you to go visit his blog right away because he inspires, entertains, educates and informs through his blog.

There are some rules for this award but I honestly cannot abide by all of them (pardon me). They include:
Ø Thank the person/people who nominated you. (check)
Ø Answer the question from your nominators.
Ø Nominate eleven other bloggers.
Ø Give them eleven questions.
Ø You should check out the blogs I nominate and follow them if you wish to.

Let me try answering the questions from Harry…
What is the greatest thing about the internet?
Communication – whether with google and other search engines and websites or with friends and foes.

Who is your favourite person from history and why?
Hmmm, I would go with Nelson Mandela out of the numerous others because despite giving most of his youthful life for his dear country, he chose to rule them for just a tenure when he could have made himself a life president; after all, he wrought the freedom with his life.

If you won a million pounds, how would you live the rest of your life?
Invest – in business, people(especially children) and God, then enjoy my life doing all the things I ever wanted to do without guilt or fear.

What is your most embarrassing moment?
I cannot think of any right now, sorry to dash your hopes. ***winks

If you could choose a particular period of history to be born in, when would it be and why?
It is this present period, the digital age. The reason is obvious – technology (minus all the evil and it would have been really perfect).

If God granted you the wish to change one event from history, what event would you change and why?
I’d quickly change the chasing down of Lucifer from heaven to earth so as to have heaven on earth.

What is your secret weakness? (and he promised not to tell anyone)
Not that I do not trust you to keep my secret secret Harry my friend, but I simply do not trust the internet. So, no divulging of my secrets, sorry.

Who is the world’s worst millionaire?
I have no idea was my initial reaction, but on second thoughts, it us that millionaire whose millions enriches only himself and his family, the selfish millionaire.

What is the greatest household gadget ever invented?
Tough one now, washing machine I think.

How do you relax?
Books (especially novels) and music (especially R n B)

Which biscuit would you describe as the very best?
Yet to get to it.

The next stage is the nomination of blogs for this award and this is where I have to start bending the rules to suit me, I will nominate eight blogs;
The V-Pub
Success Inspirer
Ramblings of Nekaaar
Mere Desh Ki Mitti

That is it for me, eight blogs nominated. I have these eight questions for you guys. Feel free to participate or not, not compulsory. It is for you to have fun with.

My questions;
Why do you blog?
What is your best experience of 2015 and why?
If the world were to end in the next twenty-four hours, what would you do within those hours?
What is your favourite past time?
On a dark day, what lifts you up?
What is the change you would like to see in the world?
What do you have at the top of your 2016 bucketlist?
Who is your favourite person of all times?

Hope you have as much pleasure as I did doing this.