Wheeew! It feels like ages since I did something personal here. I am not sure why, maybe because my person was missing or there was too much going on with my person. I am not even sure I am back yet but hey, I am here right now.

I really do not know what to rant about today, but I think I will start with saying a gigantic THANK YOU to everybody that added a smile to my face and a minute to my lifespan in 2015 and beyond. It may seem a little bit late for that, but better late than never right? Listing all of you here will not be possible but I am sure you know yourselves.


I appreciate these persons more at this time because it was a rough 2015 for me and despite that, some people stayed true and were loyal through and through. I think it is when one is traveling through bumpy roads of life that one recognizes those who genuinely love and care. But anybody and everybody can come along for the smooth ride and that was my biggest lesson of the past year. It sucks to have such unfriendly friends but they are necessary evil to help one appreciate God and appreciate the few friendly friends better. However, it feels wonderful distinguishing the wonderful ones.

I am not yet ready to tell my story of 2015, maybe I will never be ready but I am sure glad that I am still alive, still fighting my battles, till I cross the finish line, till I receive my crown of glory. Life can be a bitch, I know that first hand but we gotta keep our heads up, square those shoulders, and keep on fighting. If one method does not work for long, then the tactics needs to be changed, but we must fight to finish and fight to win too.

I am sure there are thousands of people out there going through stuffs that others might not even begin to understand. But giving up aint an option, you have to do what you have to do to stay on in the game and take whatever life throws at you and make it better.

So I wish y’all a happy and successful 2016. Let’s make each moment count! Let’s share more love.

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