The federal government’s decision to ban the importation of ‘I pass my neighbour’ generator because of pollution and other health hazards is laudable. Who would have thought that our government love us this much as to show so much concern, especially for the common man that uses these generators.
I pass my neighbour generators are the small size generators like this one,


I pass my neighbour generator

What the ban means for the average man on the street is this: The cobbler under the shade who makes local shoes will either go steal or borrow money to purchase a bigger generating set or rely on the epileptic power supply and likely end up producing one shoe in one month. Same goes for all the other small scale businesses that run on electricity. Imagine a barber without a steady power supply. Boost to our dwindling economy

That is the kind of love our government has for us.

It is same story at home, erratic power supply day in, day out such that you are forced to purchase these generating sets, depending on your pocket. Even though you cannot use high voltage appliances like iron, refrigerator, etcetera, with this small generating set. But at all, at all, na im bad pass. It is better than nothing, abi? This is the only generating set most Nigerians can afford. So are they trying to indirectly ban electricity for the poor?

A typical case of putting the cart before the horse. Since the love of the government for its people is waxing stronger, one would have thought that power supply would be improved first. In that way, both the rich and the poor will have little or no need for a generating set, big or small.

I say FG should ban power outage first before banning I pass my neighbour generating set!