Religion has become more than a belief system. It has evolved to the point where it has become creed, custom, lifestyle, business, job, and umbrella for everything under the sun. This is good I suppose, yea?

Recently, the different uses and dimension to which we put religion has been gnawing at me, and I refused to rise to the bait like a famished fish, lest I do wrong. But like a dog that is seeking its owner’s attention to alert her of something, it kept gnawing at me. So this disturbing incident had me clicking away on my laptop without more persuasion.

A patient came into a hospital, got booked for antenatal, had all the necessary test run on her, all came out good, one little problem however,  HIV/AIDS tested positive.  The confirmatory test said same. The initial shock and denial I could understand, but refusing medical assistance even up till the ninth month of pregnancy, I could not comprehend.

The patient was advised by the doctors and nurses to be attending counseling sessions so as to be properly guided to enable her protect her unborn child and her family. She adamantly refused. Why? She had discussed it with her ‘prophetess’ who assured her that she and her baby would test negative in no time. Do not forget that the Bible urges us to believe in God’s prophets and his words, for thus shall we be established. So apparently, she is right in not going for medical assistance, yea? Now don’t get me wrong. I know that with God that all things are possible and that with faith even as small as a mustard seed, that one can move mountain. I also know that faith without good works is dead.

So instead of going for proper medications and counseling, our friend continued praying and believing. Few days to her due date, she came to check if her status had changed, guess what?  It still came out positive, yet, she did not budge. She later delivered of a beautiful baby boy, advised not to breastfeed him till he has been given injection to prevent mother to child transmission. She refused, and went ahead to breastfeed the child.
She did all that under the umbrella of religion and faith. I pray that her faith sees her through.

The terrorist organisations, Boko Haram, ISIS, Alshabbab and the rest, do what they do under the umbrella of religion.

The 21st century has seen an unprecedented surge in ‘religionism’ (from Alluring dictionary). People now do practically everything in the name of religion, including sorcery and juju, who’s to judge what’s wrong and right? Definitely not me.
I can only urge you dear brother, dear sister, shine your eyes o. Last days or not, there is so much false prophecy, so much fraud, so much wickedness, all under the umbrella of religion, that you just cannot afford to be naïve or passive, lest they sweep you off your feet, straight into destruction. Do not wait to find out too late, that you have been seriously MISLED before you do the right thing by you and by God.