Someone once said that an unexamined life is not worth living and I believe that to be true to a great extent, right?

I have not posted in so long a time that I know some people might think I have quit blogging or writing all together. No way!

I had to give myself time to float like a balloon drifting in the air, without purpose or specific destination. Wherever the wind of life blew me to, I gladly went.

My life these past three months has been one of leisure without guilt, taking one day at a time without worrying about tomorrow or bothering about setting any agenda or goals for my tomorrow.

It had its ups and downs, and so I learnt that even in that period of hiatus, one cannot be completely free from worries and stress.

So there, that is the reason behind my long absence from the blogosphere.

I apologize for the hiatus, and I hope sincerely that it does not happen anytime soon again.

I am back, so Lets continue this show friends, I have missed you guys plenty.