19th of August 2014, as the fight against the dreaded Ebola disease raged in Nigeria, we lost the one courageous woman who changed the story of the entire nation by her courage and selfless act.

The Liberian ebola infected Mr. Sawyer was admitted into the hospital where doctor Adadevoh was working. The patient who seemed bent on spreading the virus as much as possible before he died, was forestalled by this brave woman.


It was even due to her that the virus was discovered in the first place. It got to the point where she had to sacrifice herself to save her dear country.

Sometimes I sit and ponder at what might have been. What if she did not discover that early that Mr. Sawyer was carrying ebola? What if she was not smart and brave enough to not allow the man spread the virus as he’d intended? Maybe by now, Nigeria would be worse hit than Liberia.

It took the effort of many people to conquer ebola in Nigeria, but to me, all those efforts would not have made much impact if the dear doctor had not acted promptly.
Nigeria owe her a lot and as an individual, I can only do this write up to appreciate the heroine and pray that her soul finds eternal rest in the Lord.