There are quacks in every discipline – law, engineering, journalism, religion, teaching, entertainment- everywhere. But the activities of quacks in certain disciplines are more life threatening than others.

Take for instance a quack builder construcing a sky scrapper, a quack mechanic fixing your car, or the quack pastor that rapes minors in the name of deliverance.

For me however, the worst of them all is having a quack medical personel, be it doctor, nurse, pharmacist/chemist or just a drug merchant. Quacks have no business in the health sector- no way. That is outright death merchant.


Last night, I witnessed the terrible consequence of patronising quack medical practitioner. You know in Nigeria, anything goes. Anybody can wake up anytime and claim to be a doctor or pharmacist and people will start patronising him/her. Some guy who did not finish secondary school, who does not know the basic components of drugs opens a shop selling drugs and people troop in there and start calling him doctor and he answers.

Back to my story, a neighbour’s son was ill and visited this registered staff nurse/midwife. She treated him the first day, second day, the guy was getting worse and lapsing into depression. The kind nurse referred them to a bigger hospital but his dad was adamant. So he employed the services of his kinsman whom they all know is quack. The man came and gave the already depressed patient some drugs that sent him into coma instanta! Big ups to quacks right?

In another development, my colleague’s brother went to a chemist shop to get drugs over the counter for his runny stomach. The guy at the shop prescribed the right drugs but an overdose of it. As the complications set in, he sought out a medical doctor who diagnosed that it was a case of overdosing.

Both instances are matters of penny wise, pound foolish if you ask me. I believe it is better to visit a qualified nurse if you cannot afford a qualified medical doctor, but as for patronising fakes – it is a risk to your life!