Around this time a year ago, Nigerian cyber space and air waves were agog with the fake news that everybody must bathe with salt water so as to avoid the deadly ebola virus spreading within the country as at that time. In fact, the number of calls and messages you get on this warning will tell you how important you are to the people around you.



There was this joke on facebook that if your mother is alive and did not call you that nightto admonish you to bathe with salt, then you must be worse than the devil. And so we complied with the injuction- literate and illiterates alike. What a laugh!

Believe me, more than 70% of Nigerians complied, even resulting in the death of some especially those who were hypertensive. Of all my close friends and family, only one of my friends did not succumb to the pressure to join the bandwagon and he could not stop laughing at us silly people.

However, my people say that Nkolika, meaning that living to tell it the tales is best. Thank God we survived that terrible stage in our nation’s history and still waxing stronger.

Mr Sawyer, a Liberian transported the dreaded ebola virus disease from his country to Nigeria but thanks to God, with the help of our heroine, Dr. Stella Adadevoh who fought the disease with her life, Nigeria conquered.


Dr. Adadevoh

Recording 21 cases of the disease and 9 deaths, Nigeria was declared ebola free by WHO on 20th October 2014.
To God be the glory

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