Often when I tune to the media these days, mass, social or otherwise, I get bombarded with like 99% bad news and just 1% of positive information. As in the bad news are becoming overwhelming, no cheering news to boost my morale. Does anyone else feel same way too? Like you are suffocating from overdose of negative news?

This situation gives me the shivers and I begin to wonder if it means that nothing good ever happens anywhere anymore? From Nigeria to Nepal, from Liberia to America, boat mishaps, killings, diseases, earthquakes, all resulting in mass destruction of lives and property. What is all these? End of times?

Ok, crazy things happen all the time, but I am sure good things happen too. So how come we get bombarded with mostly news of the crazy stuffs? In journalism, they say bad news is the news, so the cheering news are pushed into the backstages while the bad news make headlines. Are we not worthy of some good news? Are the media consumers not entitled to both sides of the coin?

To preserve my sanity, I have been cutting down on my intake of negative news and I am better off that way. Would not want to die of overdose of negative info.

I believe I deserve a good dose of good news too, alongside the bad ones, just saying.