Football players play the first half of the game with zeal and expectation to score and they may or may not score. The first half gives them the opportunity to learn their opponent, analyse them and try to find their strengths and weaknesses. If  they do not score, they do not lose hope, they forge ahead.

At the second half, they do not relent, no, they cannot afford to wallow in self pity or lose hope, rather they come back with renewed vigor, greater enthusiasm and focus. They apply the lessons learnt from the first half to the second half and re-strategize with the sole purpose of not just scoring but winning.

First half of 2015 has come and gone. Thank God we survived all the obstacles of life to reach this stage of the tournament. Now, the second half is here, how are you marching into it, with head bowed and shoulders slumping, looking down and shuffling our feet like an old woman, counting your losses, dwelling on what might have been? or are you marching into it with head held high, shoulders squared, eyes ahead staring fixedly on the goal(s) and strutting into the field aiming to score as many goals as possible before the final whistle goes off?

For many of us, our new year resolutions have been forgotten, buried deep inside our closets. The goals we set for ourselves in January 2015 have been overtaken by events, even less important events. We set out to score goals and win, yet along the line, we have abandoned those objectives and started pursuing shadows. ( To an extent, I know that I have anyway). Some have derailed, scoring against themselves while some others just stroll around in the field of play with no dream, no goal, no objective thereby becoming an obstacle to themselves and to their teammates. Maybe they need a red card from the referee. Some started on a slow and unserious note thereby accomplishing little of the goals they set out for themselves.

I realized however that it is better late than never, like we say in our Naija parlance, at all-at all, na im bad pass.

Therefore, like the prodigal son, I have to arise, dig out those goals, dust them up and get on with the process of executing, scoring and winning this 2015 tournament. I refuse to let this year go like all the rest, no way. This has got to be different. It may involve a change of tactics, change of game plan, whatever it takes, I must score those goals and win


Maybe you are like me, you may have deviated, but do you also realize that you can still make it happen? Let us take a cue from the Nigerian football teams, they play around and act nonchalant during the first half. They usually make a comeback and take the game serious during the second half and end up winning at times. I too can, I can achieve my dreams for 2015, you can too, we can.

Let us get this show on the road people… the time is NOW! Better late than never.