Churches, homes, media, internet – everywhere, was all about the fathers’ day celebration yesterday. It would seem that the celebration received more attention and publicity than previous years, or was I just imagining it? Maybe because I felt it more this year. While many people were celebrating their fathers, many others were reminiscing or mourning or imagining. To which group do you belong?

Can one miss what one does not have? I lost my Dad when I was about nine years old and the memories are faded mostly but for few that pop up in my mind from time to time. So there is really nothing to miss as such. There is mostly a yearning for what might have been, especially on days like fathers’ day.

Yet, yesterday, I wished he was still alive, that I could feel his big arms encircle me in a warm embrace, I wished that I could watch him celebrate fatherhood with me, I wished that I could laugh and share my secrets with him as one of the online pictures purported  that your dad is your first love (for the females),father

I do not know how true that is. I wished that I could ‘dance with my father again’. If wishes were horses…

I am beginning to forget what it actually feels like, having a father but sometimes, some things happen and I wonder if that thing would have happened or if it would have happened the way it did if my dad were to be there. Sometimes, I wish he is here, like right now but… *shrugs*

You do not know what you have until you lose it, so for you guys that still have your dad around, do cherish him as much as you can before you end up with a baggage of regrets, of unfulfilled dreams, of unexpressed love, for not caring enough.