I personally think that these days, the mantra should be, “YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT”. The rate at which incurable diseases are springing up seems to be in direct proportion to the rate at which we devour processed and unhealthy foods. In my opinion, there is a direct link. Thus it is safe to say we are what we eat.

We are in June, but I bet the number of people that you know that have died this year is many. I am alarmed myself, if you are not. In all my stay on this earth, I have never had as much people as I know die within such a short period of time as this year. I have reached the point of getting scared of picking certain calls, like when I see the identity of people that rarely call me on the screen of my phone. I am like… ‘please, not again’. If someone wears a long face and begins a statement with certain exclamations or lamentations about life, I automatically want to block my ears or move away from there before they release the bombshell.

I do not feel bad just because people are leaving the earth, it shocks me because YOUNG people are leaving the earth en-mass! Like they are on some mass exodus or something. I am not trying to say that they all died because they were not eating healthy, but I know that what we consume plays an important role in the kind of health we enjoy and how long we enjoy it.

Young people nowadays suffer from diabetes, hypertension, cancer, and all such deadly diseases. Why is that rampant now more than before. Some of these diseases are hereditary, some just come from nowhere, but most times, we invite them ourselves when we make unhealthy food the master in our daily menu. We neglect the natural foods, vegetables and fruits that boost our immune system.

I guess not everybody likes their life, but in case you do, or you care that other people depend on you and love you, please watch what you eat. For me, I think dwelling on pasta, noodles, snacks, soft drinks, alcoholic drinks, and all those fast food junks makes you more foolish and liable to die young than the big boy/girl/man/woman status you think it portrays. Yea, some feel they have arrived when people see that their diet consists mainly of these health killers not realizing that they are doing themselves more harm than good.

Generally, healthy living is the key to good health. Young man, the hustling and bustling should be done in moderation, ladies, take it easy on the worries and anxieties. Life is too precious and short. Many people die not knowing where the monies and possessions they have been laboring for are. Even your enemies might get a part of the loot when you are gone. Do not let people– relatives, friends, church, or anybody – pressurize you into an early grave. What is that earthly possession that is worth losing your life over? Some of us labour so much that we forgot what it means to enjoy the simple things of life.

Eat right, Live right, Enjoy life, Stay alive!