Sai Change! Sai Baba!
That is the latest chant on the streets of Nigeria, from North to South, East to West since the Buhari administration took over power. Nigerians are all expecting CHANGE in every sector of the Nigerian state.

President Buhari promised Nigerians a lot of changes during his campaign. But I am wondering how much miracles the man can perform given the multitude of challenges facing Nigeria and the size of the country itself.

Will his wind of change reach the educational sector to revive it? Will the change be able to increase our agricultural production? What about finance, health, and even the power sector that seems to have defiled every attempt to improve it despite gulping millions of dollars? Will he be able to bring the much desired peace and squash the insurgents? Can he find solution to the hydra-headed monster of corruption in high and low places?

It will take some miracles to achieve all these and then tackle the mounting problems of hunger, poverty and unemployment. These three seem to be at the helm of the affairs of this great nation.

POVERTY!!! We were once told that education is the panacea for conquering poverty but that seems not to be the case anymore. Millions of graduates are roaming the streets in search of job. The illiterate woman in the village not too far from Abuja is this poor:


How about their counterparts in remote villages?

I personally know that it will not be an easy ride for the new president. But will he be able to walk his talk or will it be business as usual?