As kids celebrate Children’s day today, they remind us of of our own time as children, years and decades ago. The innocence, the joys and fun of childhood, the mischiefs, and of course, the tears and wounds, physical and mental, healed and unhealed. But today, I do not want to reminisce on the adult’s childhood, I’d rather we discussed the child’s childhood, the NOW.


The modern day child grows up in the jet age, the age of the global village – social media and all, of the fast and furious, of greater choices and even greater challenges, age of abundant sex and drugs. Things were definitely not like this when I was growing up so sometimes I wonder what it is like for them, how they are able to cope with everything.

Turn the camera to the parents, teachers and care-givers. We are the ones assisting these children to success or to doom. What is your part in the movie of the children’s lives? Are you encouraging them to achieve their dreams? Are you guiding them towards the right paths? Are you raping and molesting them to stupor? Trafficking and marrying them off for money?

I heard of a man who had been raping his daughter over time. When his case was brought up in court, the man removed his shirt, asked for match stick and set the shirt on fire. The astonished audience wondered at the behaviour. The man explained that the shirt was his, therefore he could do whatever he wanted with it, likewise his daughter. Some people are like that right?

Some others maltreat these kids because they are not theirs. Their house-helps and house-maids are pieces of rags to be used at will and as they like.

Today is children’s day. You’ve got to treat them right as the treasures they are. They are like computers, what you gabbage in is what you gabbage out. Train them well and they will turn out well. Sometimes all they need is love, care and encouragement.

Today, I celebrate the children all over the world, I celebrate the African child.


Great leaders of tomorrow

I celebrate the children in my own world.

You guys rock! Your smiles and words and movements and reasoning are like sunshine in the rain.