Eedris Abdulkareem got into trouble with President Obasanjo years back when he released this song ‘ Nigeria jaga-jaga, everything scatter-scatter…’ Little did they know that Nigeria then was a little paradise when you Fastfoward to 2015. I wonder what Eedris will sing in these trying days.

Nigeria is the seventh highest producer of petrol world over abi? Presently, a litre of fuel sells between N200 and N600 mostly from black market, whether you are in Abuja or Lagos or Bayelsa or wherever within Nigeria. On my way to work this morning, no petrol station, not even one, that I passed on my way was selling these products. Yet, the black marketers are selling right in front of the petrol stations.

The queues of cars waiting in hope that these stations will open some time has totally blocked one lane of the express.


What are the immediate implications of this? Commuters, consisting of civil servants, private workers, businessmen, people that run this economy, directly and indirectly are stranded on the roads because there are few vehicles plying the roads and these available ones are charging exhorbitant rates. Who would blame them?

This also affects the Agricultural sector as per animal production, food processing and preservation, then distribution.

There is no power supply because there is no gas to power the stations they said. We were in serious cold before, and now harmattan come catch us join, no be die?

The communication providers like MTN, Airtel and the rest have notified the public that they may need to shut down. Banks, the mass media, offices, are all shutting down or limiting their services. Tell me then, what is more jaga-jaga than when the centre can no longer hold?

The economy is crumpling, half the workforce waste hours on fuel queues. So much money is spent on buying fuel to power generators to run businesses, prices of commodities and services are skyrocketing.

But in the face of these, Nigerians are still as resilient as ever, finding means of survival. So I say ‘Aluta continua… Victoria aceta. All will be well as we await the ‘CHANGE’