If you believe you are strong,
That you are good,
That you are wrong,
That you are a fool,
It is all in your head.

If you think you are beautiful,
That you are unworthy,
That you are willful,
That you are healthy,
It is all in your head.

My Mum was having severe pains in both hands. Sometimes it gets so painful that she cannot lift the hands to unzip/unhook her clothes and to sleep on such nights becomes an uphill task. She is a nurse, and naturally, her hands are her stock in trade. Imagine having to deliver a baby when you cannot move your hands! She has been to doctors, she has prayed and fasted, used traditional herbs and such, all to no avail. She went to a specialist on Friday and was diagnosed as having rheumatic arthritis or something of such. The name of the ailment is not the issue here.

I spoke with her over the phone and can you believe what my Mum has had in her head all these weeks? She feared that she had cancer! Now, tell me how a licensed staff nurse/midwife with experience of over thirty years would think that these pains are symptoms of cancer. IT WAS ALL IN HER HEAD!
‘Mum, so what type of cancer would have been giving you pains in the hands, cancer of the hand or shoulder?’ I asked her. ‘I do not know dear, maybe of the neck?’ came her reply.
Knowing my mum, this devilish thoughts must have given her sleepless nights too.

Whatever we think or believe about ourselves, is in our heads.
I am always fighting wars in my head, sometimes I win, sometimes those demons in there win. Oh, I am not good enough to do this, oh I cannot be that, I will not succeed at this, and so on and so forth.

I was fortunate to become friends with this beautiful, young and courageous young lady who has had to live with some tough challenges in her life, just like many of us. From what I have seen of her, she is really beautiful and has a good heart. You can feel her experience, pain and maturity flow from her writing, even though she is still in her teens. But my friend does not realize that she possesses these potentials. She thinks she is fat and ugly among other things. Honestly, I have never heard anyone that beautiful think of herself as not beautiful. It just made no sense to me initially. But like I said, it is all in our heads.

Maybe mean parents, jealous friends or blind colleagues have been telling you how useless and ugly you are, some people are just that way and what they say does not really matter. What you tell yourself is what matters and what God says about you is the ultimate. Keep reassuring yourself how beautiful, intelligent, courageous, you are, with time, your heart, head and even your whole body will come to agree with you too.

Try it, it works! Trust me when I say that because I’ve been there, in fact, I still battle with that all the time.