Dear birthday of mine,
You are just a few days away…

I am not in the least excited…
I am not dreading you…
I just feel like I cannot be bothered with you (no offence meant).
No, I did not forget to remember you, non challance is what I feel.

Those close to me know that after Christmas, May 20th is the most exciting and cherished day for me. The way  I harp on it, announce it to whoever cares to listen, plan and unplan, weeks before you even approach, a stranger might think that a second Christmas is coming.

I cannot explain the lukewarmness.
Maybe this year will just pass without a day like 20/05/2015. You know, like after 19th, 21st will just slide in. That would be awesome and special I think or wouldn’t you want to take a pass and have a rest?

Lets strike a deal and have multiple celebration next year?

So dear birthday, forgive me for the change in attitude, afterall, change is the only constant thing in this life.