There lived three women in a neighbourhood. Woman A had four boys, Woman B had four girls and a boy while Woman C had neither boy nor girl. Do you think these women have anything in common?

Woman C had been to too many churches and prayer houses that she had lost count and faith. She had tried traditional medicine, visited countless shrines, taken all manner of concussion, done stuffs that are not printable. All these were after the hospitals failed her. She had, at different points, decided to rest and wait on God for a miracle, but time ticked by. Besides, her husband, in-laws, neighbours and others’ mockery caused her sleepless nights and forced her to continue seeking for solution. They jeered at her and called her a man. It went on until the husband married a second wife who came and was also unable to conceive.

Woman B, like Woman C had been to several places looking for a way out of her quagmire. From one specialist to another, from that shrine to this new powerful man of God. There was nothing she did not do, including sleeping with some of these ‘men of God’ and native doctors. But each time she takes in, she delivers yet another baby girl. If only she could have one more boy, just one more… So she took in again, the sixth time, against doctors’ advice. The two previous ones were delivered via ceasarian section, and she usually develops high blood pressure during pregnancy. Two days to the date she was given for delivery, she died suddenly. Not even the baby could be saved.

Woman A was considered ‘lucky’, she had soldiers to fight for her and make her proud in future. No man or woman dared insult her anyhow. Other ‘unlucky’ women run after her to seek advice on how to conceive and bear male children. Her husband beats his chest and brags to anyone that cares to listen how potent and manly he is. Yet this woman has a yearning that is eating deep inside her, she craves a female child.


The baby girl

She wants a girl she can pamper and beautify, a beautiful girl that will make heads turn when she grows up, the one that will give her latest clothes and styffs. She wants to be able to go for ‘omugwo’ in far away lands when her daughters put to bed. How can she be denied all that? So off she went, the woman who is supposed to be the envy of all, in search of a female child. She visited great gyneacologists, babalawos, prayer houses. When she took in the fifth time, she prayed, fasted, gave alms, followed every instruction of her doctors to the latter. At the delivery of her fifth son, she almost bled to death due to complications.

Now that you know what they have in common, do you think there was need for all that pain, anguish, heartache and even loss?

African culture and our orientations are driving us to  destruction. The worst part is that we are allowing it!
Say no to gender discrimination.
Say no to harmful practices against women.

Women, darling women, stand up for yourselves, let us stand together against unwholesome practices against us and our kids.