If only just a handful of the victims can be like this my friend…

The Forum on Women, Religion, Violence & Power

By Maryam Uwais

In this article, the author explores the case of a child bride charged with murder, as the result of her desperate efforts to end her own pain. Concluding that not only the husband and father, but her society failed the girl, this case demonstrated the harm that early marriage and the deprivation of girls’ rights inflicts, not only upon the individual, but upon the broader community as well.

maryam_uwaisMaryam Uwais (nee Isa Wali) is a practicing lawyer based in the capital city of Abuja, Nigeria and the founder the Isa Wali Empowerment Initiative (IWEI), a non-governmental organization that aims to enhance the conditions of women and children in the spheres of education, health and empowerment, in the Kano State of Nigeria.

Wasila was born around 14 years ago in a remote village called Unguwar ‘Yansoro of Gaya Local Government of Kano State of Nigeria. I say ‘around’ because…

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