Nothing prepared me for the wonders of child birth. It is nothing short of God’s supremacy and mystery. I have never seen anything this touching and awesome!

I am sorry my emotions got the best of me that I could not take shots of her to share with you as she was making her grand entrance. You see, it was my first time of fully partaking in bringing a baby into the world and I was floored. Simply wonderful.

After much labouring and sweating from the mum, the baby began her journey into the world. The head showed up first, all curly and dark. I could not see the face at first because she was facing down, maybe they all come that way. The way she was all quiet, I feared that she was dead on arrival. The nurse severed the cord around her neck. It took another few precious minutes of pushing and pulling for the shoulder to scale through. I was all nerves at this point. I mean, how could she not cry with all the pulling and pushing. Gentle though they were, but she seemed so quiet and helpless.

When the rest of her pushed through into the nurse’s waiting hands, tears, tears, and uninhibited laughter bubbled out of me. Jesus, it was simply amazing. That is the best sight in the world, the best feeling, the best experience. Yet she kept mute. The only sign that she was alive were her beautiful, bright eyes and her soft breathing. It was not until they began to tap her on the laps, that she announced her arrival to the jubilation of everybody.

Mothers, Mothers, Mothers. Co creators, you people are demi gods.

Here she is a day after, big, beautiful and innocent.


After her first bath ever

I now understand a little bit of the joys of motherhood. Her soft, warm and tender skin tugged at my heart as I carried her in my arms, a bundle of joy.