Look at the introvert and the extrovert, the timid and the bold, the over-ambitious and the under-ambitious, the selfish and the selfless, the pragmatic, the realist and the idealist, look at all the different traits we possess as individuals. Does being one or the other make one better than the other?

Does my being fearless, kind hearted, controlling and hyper active make me better than my shy, intelligent, cunny and diligent sister?

Does the fact that Frank tackles his problems head on make him a better person than Jim who takes his time to analyse and look for alternative means of climbing same mountain?

Is Tonia greater than Phil because she is the life of the party or is Phil better because she is more tolerant?

I met two opposite characters recently, one naive, quiet and docile and the other, bold, wise and wilful. The former was about to be swallowed up by a bad situation and mean people taking advantage of the situation. The latter waded into the situation blazing, helping the former to fight.

I looked at both of them and began to wonder, does being who you naturally are make you a lesser person? Between these two people, does the persona of the latter make him better than the former? If that is the case, did God make a mistake in creating us all differently? Or are we supposed to compliment one another? Are you comfortable with who you are?

Just wondering…