I often harp on this, maybe because I am a she, may be because I see it as senseless and incomprehensible. I am a she therefore cannot understand why a he would resort to forcefully gain access into a female’s most prized possession, why? As in, what is wrong in choosing from among the countless, willing females everywhere?. Maybe it is the feel of having that power over her, the more she cries and struggles, the more powerful and happy he feels. It is beyond my understanding really.

Is there ever a justifiable reason for sexually molesting the weaker sex? Love, hate, indecency, lust, passion, what can make it justifiable to permanently bruise her, not just physically but psychologically too.

Dear rapist, do you pause to think of the consequences of your act before you plunge head long into it? Do you consider the fact the scars won’t heal, at least not on the inside, that nothing can completely erase it? Does it ever occur to you that she might lose her life in the process as many usually do? And when she faces the death or trauma, do you look back and feel satisfied and happy with your achievement?

What's with the craze for Rape?

What’s with the craze for Rape?

Just this morning, I read from the papers, two different cases of young girls raped to death!; “ABIA DIRECTOR FIRED FOR ALLEGEDLY RAPING 11-YR OLD MAID TO DEATH”. A Director, with his money, class and connections could have whatever kind of lady he so desires, but he chose his house maid, to maim, rape and thus murder, why? Kai!

Craze for Rape

Craze for Rape

On the opposite page was another shocking headline; “BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION: MAN, 24, ALLEGEDLY RAPES FRIEND TO DEATH”, the victim aged 18 was his guest among other people at the party.Last week, another case was reported of a lady who was raped by a policeman, a DPO at that and nothing was done about it after it was reported, in fact, according to the report, the DPO in question has been promoted since the incident. CRAZY!!!

To think that nowhere is safe is more worrisome or I would have urged parents and every female to be careful, but since even the husbands and uncles and ogas and teachers are culprits, I do not know…

This sadly is getting out of hand; this menace is becoming a norm. Asa sang that there is fire on the mountain and nobody seems to be on the run. Till the Minister’s daughter, the lawmaker’s niece, the governor’s sister, the IGP’s mother is raped, maybe then we can have some pragmatic approach to tackling this issue, may be then we will sit up and fight it squarely.