Too inspiring for me to enjoy alone, so, here I am sharing it with all you wonderful people.

b4 U-go

Allow me to “Rephrase” CS Lewis’ profound statement.
“Courage is not simply a virtue but ‘THE’ Virtue that needs to be relied on for the expression of other Virtues….”
Remember how King David en-COURAGEd himself in the Lord?

As you step into this month, MARCH on with COURAGE!

So there I sat feeling low,
As far back as I remember: “everything had been slow”
How would ever I get back into the flow?
I felt like a precious gem which had lost its glow,
I felt like I would never grow

In my mind, I took a virtual tour
Trying my best not to get sour
As I recounted opportunities that had passed me by the hour,
Helpless situations for which I felt I had no power.

We all get in that foul mood some – times,
For some folks, make that “most – times”
You feel things aren’t working

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