This week, a new baby is being delivered on this blog as another category. Her name will be ‘from the horse’s mouth’. It will be featuring mostly interview of women and youth in various capacities, struggling, winning or even giving up. We want to hear their stories from them first hand.

Today, I present you the first episode of this interview session.

Our first honourable guest is alluring, young, intelligent, and independent, a go getter, a wife, a mother and a sister. Let us meet her people so you can judge for yourselves.

Alluring n Young: Welcome to our blog Barrister Ifunanya. Can you tell us a little about yourself?

Ifunanya: Thanks for granting me this interview Eby. My name is Anona Ifunanya, an adult, a Nigerian, a lawyer by profession with interest also in fashion and styling.

Alluring n Young: No change of name after marriage?

Ifunanya: No change of name dear. Names are just letters.

Alluring n Young: I see. What is your general outlook on life?

Ifunanya: I see life as a market place, we come, do our buying and selling and retire home at nightfall to give account of what the day was like at the market place and we are all accountable for whatever we do in life.

Alluring n Young: Spoken as a Lawyer that you are. As a female lawyer, have you experienced any challenges because of your gender in that discipline?

Ifunanya: No challenges really when it comes to being a female lawyer. I believe that once you know your onion in the field, you will go far. Though the breach between the senior and younger lawyers is a major challenge but we will try to keep our heads above waters.

Barrister Anona

Barrister Anona

Alluring n Young: What about intimidation or not recognizing your capabilities because you are a woman?

Ifunanya: Intimidation for a female lawyer is always there but we have our way around it trust me. That is why I love the Jonathan administration; he saw the best in women and gave us chances. Lol.

Alluring n Young: Now you are campaigning for President Jonathan o. Do you have your Permanent Voters Card already?

Ifunanya: Unfortunately no. I registered in Anambra and have not been able to travel that distance to get it.

Alluring n Young: That is understandable. Now that brings us to the next question. You are still very young and a mother already, any peculiar challenges/experiences there?

Ifunanya: Yea, being a mother makes you more responsible ad instills that zeal of hard work and determination in you.

Alluring n Young: What are the high points in your life so far?

Ifunanya: Hmm, my high points, being a minister in the temple of justice, being a part of my family, having the people I have around me in life and being able to speak up for people when the need calls.

Alluring n Young: You are a minister? That is wonderful. In what capacity, as a lawyer I presume?

Ifunanya: Not just as a lawyer but also being able to speak up whenever necessary.

Alluring n Young: Low points?

Ifunanya: No low points dear.

Alluring n Young: No low points? How can that be? Are you saying you have been operating on a roller coaster all your life?

Ifunanya: I do not have low points because I try to see a god in every bad. I do not make room for regrets rather I learn from every single experience.

Alluring n Young: Hmm, wonderful. You sure are an inspiration to thousands out there I am sure. You mentioned earlier that you have interests in fashion and styling, any possibility of pursuing those dreams?

Ifunanya: Sure, I will pursue those dreams.

Alluring n Young: Tell us, what is your fashion statement?

Ifunanya: Fashion to me is comfort, coverage and confidence. Any outfit which gives me the three is a correct fashion for me.

Alluring n Young: I love you fashion statement dear, apt. From all these, what lessons have life taught you?

Ifunanya: Life has taught me to always do good to people who come around me because you do not know how much more you will be opportune to have them around.

Aifee Doing her thing the traditional way

Aifee Doing her thing the traditional way

Alluring n Young: Very true. Now before we let you go, the most embarrassing moment of your life.

Ifunanya: The day I fell down in public!

Alluring n Young: WHAT? How did it happen?

Ifunanya: (Laughs) I tripped over a bi stone in a traditional wedding venue and fell face flat. My cousin had to help me up.

Alluring n Young: Ouch! In one of those stiletto heels?

Ifunanya: Noo, the stone was the sole culprit; I was in haste and did not look well.

Alluring n Young: Thank God the damage was mostly on your ego. Thanks a lot for your time. Final word, any advice for the young ones and women?

Ifunanya: Yea. Believe in who you are and always lend a helping hand whenever you can. AlluringEby, keep up the good work too and thanks for this opportunity.