A choirmaster/conductor of a church choir pummeled his young, pregnant wife to death!
That is the headlines of the mind boggling story my cousin came back home with yesterday. It was not a mere tale or rumor, it happened as I am sure it has been happening even before now with other women.

The story had it that the choirmaster had been battering this young lady for a long time. It got to the extent that she swallowed her pride and put shame aside to complain to her parish priest. The priest told her that they should keep praying so that God will touch the man and change his character because obviously, the issue of divorce was out of the question.

On this fateful day however, the man locked his wife inside their apartment and started what he knew best – using her as a punching bag. No neighbours? Of course there were neighbours who on hearing the cries and screams of the poor lady, rushed in to help, but found the door firmly locked. What I don’t get is when they could not open the door, whether they decided to fold their hands and wait, in the hope that no serious harm would be done to mother and child? Probably, since they were used to the squabbles.

By the time the brutality was over and door opened, lo and behold, the wife was lying in the pool of her own blood, dead!

Now they say the man is cooling his heels in a police cell, but of what good is that to the late wife? To the unborn child that was denied the right to live? To the parents of this lady whose life was snuffed out before it even began. She survived ebola, survived bird flu, HIV/AIDS, road/air mishap, only to be murdered inside her home by her own husband who swore to love and cherish her? My goodness!
Who is even sure that the law will take its full course so that the painful death can be avenged somehow? This is Nigeria and anything can happen. I will not be surprised if this wife killer goes free in a matter of months or weeks even.

Too painful, just too painful.