Happy new year everyone! Never too late to shout that I believe since this is our first real contact this victorious 2015. It is almost the end of January already, FAST! How do you see the New Year that is unfolding? I am aware that there is too much negative air, too much bad stuffs happening all round the world, but we absolutely must choose to focus on the positive, on the good, no matter how little or trivial they may seem.
I am sincerely sorry for the long absence without warning; I did not plan it that way. I traveled to my village in the hope that I’d be sharing my Christmas activities with everyone here but the ‘Nigerian factors’ as we call them here refused. Poor internet accessibility and power failure combined to rip us all of that opportunity. I apologise once again. Fortunately, I still have some few shots to share with us so all is not totally lost.

I hope all of us had fun somehow during the yuletide. I did and honestly did not feel like coming back to face the realities of our everyday hustle and bustle. But those are the ingredients with which life is designed otherwise we become same as the trees and monuments. Besides, I missed this forum and continuously worried about my friends here, especially Rob and Ifunanya. I have let you guys down but please forgive me. I pray that we will be able to make this year bigger, better and greater.

Some friends and I got together and visited a village in the outskirts of Abuja before I traveled and these are some clips from that visit…

Both parties had fun sharing the season together.

Christmas in some parts of Eastern Nigeria is incomplete without these creatures. They make you laugh, make you run, make you even cry if you are unfortunate.



Mind you, those canes are not just for the fun of carrying them…

They entertain as much as they disturb but once you know their rules and keep out of their ways, you will have loads of fun.

This is my mother’s village where I caught these clips of these wonderful kids

Great leaders of tomorrow

Great leaders of tomorrow

The leaders of tomorrow...

The leaders of tomorrow…

Now, that is a summary of my Christmas, the much within my power to share. Have fun with it