OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis particular night, the goodbye was not too good, it did not sit well with me even though it was a movement to greater heights.

Few months ago when I featured your wedding on this blog, I was secretly praying that this day will be postponed, but alas, it has come and you are gone. Leaving your job, colleagues, family, friends and your country to far away France, to join your husband could not have been an easy thing, but just as typical you, you took it in your stride.

Chika's guests

Chika’s guests

Bon voyage

Bon voyage

Darling Sister Chika, as your colleagues gathered all of us together that night to bid you fare well, I realised how alone I would feel without you here. even though, due to the nature of your job, we sometimes stay weeks and months without seeing physically, but I always felt like you are within easy reach. Now, off to France? I envy Mr. Deng because he just outsmarted all of us, it is our loss, his gain.

Like the several speakers said that night, you are a great lady, dedicated, humble, intelligent and yet strong. You are like an elephant being viewed by blind men, one saw the ear and was awed, the other the hind and marveled.

But I bet most of them do not know this loving, caring, motherly part of you that has encouraged me on my journey thus far. Each of them had to stand behind you to speak to avoid getting too emotional, but I knew quite well that even if I had to speak from the next room, I could not have withheld my emotions. To me, you are more than the sister I never had, you are my friend, my special adviser, my role model, Chika, your life biography is an inspiration in itself as I remember where we started from and where we are now, especially you. It is your doggedness that has got you to where you are now, and I admire that in you.



I can only wish you well and pray that as we wined and dined at your exit to greener pastures, we will also have more and more greater reasons to wine and dine together in the near future and always.

I hope that when we see again, I would see an even better version of you. You left a physical vacuum that internet cannot fill but I thank God that you left for a better future with your husband who I am sure must be feeling like the winner he is.
Keep being good, keep doing good, keep receiving good.
I LOVE YOU SIS because you are the best!