Do you know that until you hear the pains of others, until you witness their sorrow, until you see the wounds, you will not understand how blessed and fortunate you are? There is this popular analogy that a man was complaining and cursing God because he had no shoes to wear. But when he stepped out of his abode, he met a man without legs.

Many a times, we are like this our friend, we complain of not having good jobs, meanwhile, countless others have nothing at all to survive on. We cry that we do not have a male/female child, some other women exist who are unmarried at fifty, some childless after twenty years of marriage. We moan over lack of this and that, but there are countless others that are in worse situations.

Believe me, every beautiful face you see has an ugly story behind it, every successful man you see has a painful story to tell, every happyexterior you behold has a sad history etched behind it. We see people living in beautiful mansions, driving posh cars, wearing designer this and that and we wish we could trade places with them not realizing that the rich also cries, that no one has a perfect happy life.

I was humbled into writing this when I heard the story behind the beautiful face of my new friend, the pains behind her cool facade, the tears hidden in the depths of her alluring eyes, the sorrows buried in the caring heart, the sordid history behind the famous name. She represents a greater percentage of the human race for you can rarely find a human being without a story behind the exterior. Each of us has some issues we are battling with, one after the other, they keep coming till unto death.

Life can be beautiful and it can be cruel. Adversities always arise, but what matters is our attitude to it, our response to the demons we face in our daily living. Do you let them overwhelm you? Do you wear your pains and sorrow like a cloak? Are they all you talk about all the time? If so, then they are bound to weigh you down, you are paving way for your problems to take over your life, to determine your happiness, your journey and you should not.

My friend that inspired this piece is one hell of a lady. Despite all the trials and tribulations she has had to go through, all the wars she is fighting, she is ever cheerful, always wearing a smile, forever offering a kind word here and there, always dressed impeccably. She is a lady that many men admire and many women wish to be like, if only they knew the demons she is fighting. The first time I came across her, I judged her to be among the fortunate humans walking the earth without hassles. How foolish I was to think that such human beings exist. I have come to learn that each of us bears scars that do not show, the wounds that sometimes do not heal for years.

I am therefore urging us to discard that cloak of self-pity and depression and put on the cheerful, go lucky facade, to bear our crosses with the right attitude. As my friend would say, you must look inward to find that happiness to be able to forge ahead. You must be happy in order not to go crazy in the face of life’s numerous challenges.