Health is wealth and you will do well to keep that in mind as you are confined to your office, day in day out pounding away on your system, racking your brain on your desk, eight or more hours a day, five to six days a week.

Have you ever been so ill that you could not be in on that your precious job for days and weeks, that you can hardly move all or some parts of your body without being assaulted by severe pains? Ever been confined to those austere hospital rooms with the air forever reeking of disinfectants? If you have, I am sure you will appreciate the good health you enjoy now, if you have not, then you may not appreciate what you have. But I assure you that by the time you visit a hospital and move around a few minutes, you might begin to understand, just a bit for if you do not wear the shoe, you won’t understand the pain.

Where am I headed with the entire sermon? – The need for us to find and maintain good health as often as we can, not minding the cost. Many people whose jobs confine them to the office most of the day live what experts call a sedentary lifestyle, deskbound kind of life which puts the health of such people at great risk. As you are reading this, you are probably balanced on your chair where you’ve been sitting since morning and will sit till you close in the evening. Calculate how many hours you spend on that chair in a week/month. Some of us only get up to go to the convenience or to eat (if at all). Then you sit in the vehicle to and fro to the office, probably worsened by the traffic jam on the road. When you get home, you probably watch television, read or do something else that also requires you to sit in one place. The online shops, the internet where you can now do virtually everything from learning to banking also reduces the activities we would have otherwise been involved in physically but which now we can carry out in the comfort of our offices and homes. Imagine what happens to the body in those periods that you left it ‘inactive’. Health experts warn that it is a very dangerous lifestyle that puts your health at a great risk.

In case you are still in the dark, such lifestyle increases the risk of developing heart diseases, certain cancers, diabetes, and of course, obesity. Hope you are taking a good look at the diseases and realizing how difficult if not Impossible it is to cure each of them listed here. This is obviously telling us that as humans, we are created to be on the move as often as possible.


Granted, your job requires you to sit in the office for long hours, but you can perform little exercises from time to time. Gym is great but if it is not readily available for use during office hours, little exercises like stretching, turning, bending, standing up, walking around from time to time will help. As you commute to and from work, add more walking distance to your journey. Some of us have the mentality that walking is a form of suffering; it is a healthy lifestyle buddy.


We all know the good benefits of water intake. Aside that, drinking more water than food reduces our calorie intake thereby reducing the risk of all those diseases that you want very far from you.


Get more interactive; exchange some of those emails and pings with physical visit. You have a question for the person next door or down the hall, walk up to them and ask them in person.

Secondly, avoid the rectangular mode of existence, from your home to the office and back to your home again. Na!

I am sure you can find more ways of keeping yourself more active as you work. Remember, health is wealth, so keep fit. It is cheaper and easier to maintain good health than to fund and service illness of any kind.