Girls' Globe

Photo Credit: Ashley Lackovich-Van Gorp Photo Credit: Ashley Lackovich-Van Gorp

One breezy day I sat with a group of 15 women in Ethiopia. Hugged by blue skies and green grass, to an outsider our circle conversation seemed more like a picnic than a session on how to mitigate domestic violence. Each one of these women, with their toothy smiles and brightly colored headscarves, were married as children and now struggle to create a home where they are safe and secure.

Suddenly one woman spoke up in frustration. Married at age 10, she was now 30 and exasperated by 20 years in a marriage filled with sexual and physical violence. “I just want to know,” she said with a cracking voice, “how I can make my life bearable.”

Child marriage is a lifelong tragedy.

A child wife is caught in a vortex of vulnerability. When a girl marries, she stops attending school. She moves out of…

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