Have you ever been in a position where looking for a job is the only job you have? As in, you wake up in the morning and you have no office or business of your own to go to but solely job hunting? Most of us have worn that shoe, some on several occasions but some have not had the privilege of experiencing it firsthand. This situation means that you have no source of income at the end of the day or month, some days no fare to go round for the job hunting, sometimes you miss interviews because you were not able to access your email where they sent you the invitation. If you are lucky, there’s someone to depend on for accommodation, feeding and other basic needs, if you are not lucky enough, it might get as bad as going without real food for days, wearing one set of clothes/shoes for days or even weeks, and on and on goes the travails of the jobless but there is hope, always.

Recently, I was in a vehicle with a friend of mine and as we passed a particular motor park, we saw a young lady doing quasi touting there. She was posing as a passenger of the vehicle thereby giving the illusion that there were many passengers there already. We usually see her there most mornings when we pass that park, sitting down with traveling bags beside her. This particular morning, my friend wondered why the girl should be doing such a job. I looked at her and laughed. I reminded her that she had never looked for a job for a day in her life, she was retained by the foreign NGO she did her youth service with, therefore she would not understand that it could get as bad as one doing any kind of job whatsoever in order to keep body and soul together. Besides, the lady can still do other odd jobs or business after the loading of the vehicle which could end before 10 am.

I will not be surprised if that lady in question is a graduate because it has become that bad. I have known graduates to do mason, bricklaying, painting and all sorts of menial jobs just to survive. Besides this, they still make out time and resources to do the job hunting and believe me, some people count them fortunate because they have a source of income at all.

Whichever category one falls into, the best thing to do as a job seeker is not to sit at home and wait for something to pop up, it may or it may not pop up on its own. The secret is to move up and about as that is the easiest way to get exposed, meet people and get acquainted with the latest information available. Sometimes it can become quite difficult to afford to move about, but when you can, do not hesitate to get up and get moving.  You not only miss out on the events and information outside that can impact you positively, you also stand the chance of becoming lazy and disillusioned.

An idle mind they say is the devil’s workshop. I cannot begin to outline the consequences of idleness for I believe we are well aware of them. To avoid these however, we must engage ourselves in any way we can. There are numerous success stories of men and women who took up learning of one handiwork or the other while waiting for a job. Some of them specialized in these trades because they found out that their passion and talent lay there and from there, they became successful in life. While looking and waiting, find a trade; tailoring, arts, writing, computer repairs, whatever interests you, look into it, learn it and you may surprise even yourself.

Above all, never neglect the humble beginning, never lose sight of the big picture, and remember, giving up, loosing hope are not  options.