Oh, it was nice being away for a while I tell you, away from the hustle and bustle of modern life, away from the cyber world and bam! into a world of peace, quietness and struggle for survival. However, I apologise for the long silence, good to be back and kicking.


Please permit to share my inspiring experience during this journey with you. It was not a leisure trip or anything, just to get some needed rest after the illness. With that in mind, I headed straight to my mother’s village which is where I usually get the greatest peace of mind and body. I don’t have to wake up early to prepare for work and beat traffic, there is even the luxury of siesta on days I feel like it. I am my own boss and master, deciding what to do and when to do it and how I want to do it – bliss.

From the day I set foot in the village till the day I left, there was total power failure and it had been so for the past six months or thereabout. We only get power on the few nights when the generating set is put on. This is like living in limbo, cut off from the rest of the world more so because some times, even the phone shuts down because of low battery. The news of all the diseases, wars, killings and the chaos going on everywhere around the world only filters in from the neighboring cities in distorted bits and pieces and brings no fear and anxiety with it because they all seem so far away. But isn’t that the aim of the break, to rest, so I don’t complain, in fact, I sort of started enjoying it after the first few nights there.

I loved that I got there during this period when everywhere was green and fresh, the farms, flowers, animals and trees all bubbling with life.

Pear tree in full bloom

Pear tree in full bloom



The air was clean and devoid of pollution, cool especially after the rain.  It was very easy to get fresh fruits, food and vegetables; corn, pear, garden egg, avocado pear, groundnut, breadfruit, so many of them easily available. It was like a taste of heaven, like I could live here for ages. Whetting your appetite yet? Nostalgic?

A coco yam farm

A coco yam farm

It was an opportunity to get acquainted with the current lifestyle in the village especially of the youth and women, seeing as it was farming season rather than the festive seasons of Christmas and Easter as I was used to. Day in day out, I see women, often times accompanied by their children, leave for farm in the mornings with their farming tools balanced on their heads to the farms. Later in the day, they trudge home most times, with some farm produce some of which they sell in the market on market days. I admire their strength, their attitude, determination and doggedness. They have accepted it as a responsibility, a way of life.

I was also awed by some of the younger ones’ ability to do menial jobs and do it with zeal. There was a particular boy of about fourteen that I met helping out at a construction site (don’t know if that counts s child labour anyway). I wondered what gave him the courage and insight to engage in that job while waiting for schools to resume when most of his mates were wandering the village doing nothing or causing havoc. I was super impressed. He was not the only young one I saw on that construction site, there were others older than him, and all eking out a living the best way they could. I imagined that many of them there have dreams, visions and aspirations greater than this, which they somehow want to fulfill sometime in the future. I prayed that somehow, they will find a way to bring those dreams and aspirations to fruition, that their expectations will not be cut off just because they do not have the privilege of dwelling elsewhere.

It was an inspiring experience seeing as people who are impoverished fight to survive, the youth swimming against the tide to secure a better tomorrow, the women giving their all to ensure a better life for their children.

God bless Nigerian women. God bless her youth. GOD BLESS NIGERIA.

Now it is back to business, back to hustle, back to you, me and us. Good to be back friends.