… only then can you properly appreciate the little things of life and how vital they are to your existence.

I mean things as little as standing up, as walking steadily without support, as taking your bathe, brushing your teeth by yourself, breathing, laughing without inhibition and so on. I mean I was so ill that I could not eat anything solid, only take in liquids. I began to appreciate what it means to really walk on your two feet in good health, not minding whatever else you may be lacking or seeking.

I was able to look, as in really look at people and what they were doing, watch ladies sashaying around in their beautiful clothes, men briskly moving about their businesses, some with frowns on their faces and that’s majority mind you, and quite a few cheerfully living their lives. I marvel at the freedom they enjoy which they are not even aware of. They are free because they are not weighed down by any serious illness. No evident sickness dictates to them what to eat, wear, do, or where to go and where not to go. They are not confined by any illness.

Few weeks before I fell ill, my cousin and few others observed that I was adding weight; even my clothes and cheeks told me so. I didn’t like it much because I know how easy it could be for fatness to get out of hand. So I looked up my skipping rope and made it my companion, but I need not have worried. Little did I know that the fat was to cushion the effect of the oncoming illness. Few days into the illness, I glimpsed the skipping rope in a corner. My first reaction was to pick it up and do a few skips before my body and brain registered the fact that I was too ill and too weak to accomplish that albeit simple task. And in case you are wondering, yea, the illness got the fat under control without exercises or anything.

I love corn, roasted more than cooked and this is the season. Before the illness, I used to eat it almost every day since it came out. Now, can you imagine my predicament when the fever sores in my mouth would not let me chew even a quarter of a cob of corn? Yet, everywhere I go, I perceive the aroma, everywhere I look, people are busy munching away on corn and cooked groundnuts. Gosh,  not a funny experience! In my mind, I’m like, kai, these people don’t even realize what they have, what they are so easily enjoying.


While we moan and complain of this and that, how often do we sit down, count our blessings, name them one by one and show appreciation to God Almighty who made it possible? Please, thank God every moment you have, appreciate him for the air, the food, the water, the flowers, the animals, your family, friends, the roof over your head, your job, business or lack of it, thank him for all those little things that we often neglect, the things we cannot even live without. Naturally, we lament that we do not have enough money, houses, cars, friends and all such nonsense, but if you were confined to the bed due to illness, you will realize that all those material things are really not as important as we make them seem. They are necessary, yes, but not worth killing yourself or another for.

Maybe the purpose of illness is to humble us, to give us a chance for a re-think, a period for us to look back and appreciate life, appreciate God and our loved ones, just maybe. In that vein therefore, I thank God for the good health I have enjoyed over the years, I thank Him for the healing, I thank Baba God for every blessing, no matter how little or inconsequential it might seem, I bless Him for my dear family and friends, especially the ones who understood the ills of illness and acted accordingly. I thank these wonderful and caring friends and family, this has been another opportunity for me to see how important everybody is in my life.