It is a freaky Friday today alright.
Prior to this day, everywhere had been Ebola this, Ebola that and that’s fine because we need all the information to know how to be better protected against it.

But today, sh*t hit the roof early this morning. A lot of people have claimed to have found the cure for the dreaded ebola virus disease but one psycho who obviously wasn’t having enough fun and excitement in his/her life, decided to take Nigerians for a fool early this morning and it isn’t even April Fool’s day. I believe it is the handiwork of someone with a weird sense of humour or how can a normal being keep half Nigerians awake with this kind of information?

But worse, how did we even fall for it, the learned and the illiterates alike? It really is humorous that even I for a second believed that crap. In case you aint in Nigeria or you are here but too deaf to have heard, here’s the gist. The airwaves, cyber space, everywhere was agog with the ‘news’ of how to beat Ebola so much so that it is the trending news everywhere. I was awakened as early as 3.30 am and in my life, that’s a taboo for I love my beauty sleep. Okay, so why this rude awakening I asked my cousin who woke me.

“This ebola thing, I don’t know o. Only God can help us so please let’s pray against it”
I looked at the wall clock opposite me and back at her, more confused. That was when she blurted out that another cousin of ours just called few minutes ago with the news. “What news abeg?”
I asked and she replied,
“Cousin C. said that this ebola is from the devil and that there’s going to be an explosion of ebola soon therefore, to protect ourselves, we need to drink warm salted water and bathe with salt water this morning before 6am”

OMG! It has gone that far. She wouldn’t let me ask her whether the info came from the health experts or spiritual experts but rather insisted we pray before we do the ablutions! At 3.30am? Ablutions? Salt ablutions? What a laugh!

The word on the streets is that the fear of ebola is the beginning of wisdom and people are harping on that fear, blowing it out of proportion, causing unnecessary fear and panic. Since that Liberian died on our soil with that disease, the news flying around can cause heart attack for the faint hearted. One woman actually told me the other day that it was good I was washing the apple I wanted to eat thoroughly to avoid this ebola. She went on to inform me that it if you as much as speak to the victim then you too are done for and that the whole passenger and crew on the flight with the late Sawyer are all dead too! Hey!

Nigerians, please, what we need now is INFORMATION instead of fueling fears and peddling rumors that are more deadly than the virus itself.
Please, let’s get the right information and teach others too. The media are always talking of it, you can google all about it to be better informed rather that share false information and cause panic. Sharing the wrong information is a disservice, not just to your listeners/readers, but to yourself too.

Keep clean always, wash your hands with soap as often as possible.

Reduce hand shaking as much as possible if you cannot do without it totally. (I even heard that the two hands shaking when you put on your Nokia phone has refused to shake each other these days for fear of ebola, lol).

In addition, forget the bush meat for now, cook your normal meat well before devouring them and don’t leave your edibles outside overnight to avoid fluids from bats and such. You can find out many more via the web or from the media and health workers.
Be wise, be informed and fear not for God is still God!

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