Some days it seems, are meant to go bad no matter what you do, no matter how hard you try to change it.

Some days, everything and everybody seem to work against you. Nothing goes as planned. Everyone seems bent on bringing out the worst in you, pushing you to the wall.

Some days, even you seem to be working against you. Really, how bad can it get after that, huh?

Those days however when your back is against the wall and you are left to wallow in that dark dungeon of depression, sadness and disillusionment, when it seems too easy to just give up and remain in that stupor, convince yourself that it is time to get up. You cannot afford to remain there, no, no. Gotta get up and fight back. Fight that spirit of sadness and depression. Leave that dark dungeon, go take a walk, play your best songs, write, hang out with positive people that understand and accommodate you despite your dark mood. Loose yourself in that painting, that book, that comedy, do whatever positive thing you can to get out of that dark place.

You know what happens if you refuse to lift yourself up? You sink deeper into it till it swallows you and leaves you miserable and depressed. Wouldn’t you rather enjoy the warm breeze on your skin, the laughter of those kids, the lyrics and sound of that music than remain sad?

Some days are like today. Everything seems bleak and everyone it seems, only wanna annoy and irritate me. But no, I refuse to be drawn into that darkness. I’m rising above it already. I can see the bright lights already, the smiles and laughter around me, the love in the world waiting to be shared and experienced.

Some days I have to fight like today to conquer, I must conquer…

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