It was Shakespeare that said that if music be the food of life, then he should be given excess of it or something like that and I couldn’t agree with him more.
Music, the best thing next to God in this life.
Raises my soul like nothing else can
Provides me the best way to express my emotions.
Chases the shadows away.
Keeps the pains at bay.
Music, it can cause tears to roll down my cheeks at the oddest moments.
Can cause unhindered laughter to bubble within my heart.
Reminds me of great and not so great moments.
Takes me back to places and events of the past.
Back to the past to meet with friends, foes, family, lovers and situations lived long ago.
Music, the food of my soul.
Inspires me, teaches me, keeps me company even as I pen down these thoughts, encourages me, soothes me like fine wine.
I cannot imagine what my life will be without music.
Music loves me, maybe even more than I love it which is the only explanation for its care for me, for the pride of place it enjoys in my life.
I love you music in whatever form you are made.
My sunshine in the rain.
My best friend that refuses to leave me, even when I’m at my worst.
MUSIC! Oh MUSIC, my sweet MUSIC!

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