A Tribute to Us
As far as I am concerned, the most important day on this planet is May 20th. That is why on this special day, I choose to write me a tribute, after all, it is my birthday! Yes, happy birthday to me and all my birthday mates, the special ones, especially Smart Ifeanyi, big ups mates.

Yea, right from when this particular life long journey began many years ago than I care to count, it has been full of fun, challenges, battles fought and won, love, laughter, anger, hate, naughtiness, mischief, you name it. I have seen life from various angles and still came out strong, so yes, A TRIBUTE TO ME!

Join me on this journey down my memory lane. I was not really born with a silver spoon, just your normal wooden spoon. I only had many perks of being an only child, that makes some people think otherwise. I did not have to share the little resources available to my parents but that does not mean they were not little. Sometimes I wonder how we would have coped if my parents had like five or six of us as I intend to have, *winks*. Early stages of growing up were fun even though that part of my journey occurred in a rural area. Rural life then was innocent and unadulterated. I remember walking. to school most mornings through the apian route with various birds accompanying me with their chants and chatters and my school bag hanging daintily on my shoulder. When it rains, my little mermaid umbrella will join the procession. During my primary shool days, I must confess, I was like a little princess in a fantasy world created for me by my loving parents. A TRIBUTE TO THE PRINCESS!

At age nine, my Dad kicked the bucket (I never really get to read or hear this expression any more, immunity to death?). Life however did not change much until I entered the boarding school and I began to feel the pangs of not having enough. Life in the hostel was one of survival, especially as a junior student. The senior students seemed to have been sent from hell to torment the junior ones, which we were only too glad to reciprocate when we became seniors ourselves. I naturally appear very quiet and soft, maybe due to my petite size. This often garners me some measure of respect and pity such that when my stubborn and mischievous part acts, it is either ignored. I am often over looked when it comes time for punishment. However, one fateful day, while my mates were writing mock Physics. Examination in preparation for Senior School Certificate Examination, some few diehards and I locked ourselves inside one of the hostels and commenced a cooking spree. Mind you, it was a taboo to cook in school then. Our nois e attracted the school authorities who swooped in on us and forced us to open the door. That act gained us indefinite suspension, a couple of weeks to our final examinations. A TRIBUTE TO THE MISCHIVOUS PETITE!

Life actually bared its fangs when I passed out of secondary school into the real world of hard knocks. Nevertheless, these years molded me into this strong, independent and caring person I am today. Without these trying periods, who knows what I would have turned out to be? So I have no regrets. My friend asked me recently what my biggest challenge in life has been so far. It was not the death of Dad and its attendant troubles, not the hassles of attending a University with very little, not even the war of unemployment and underemployment in my dera country, nor the numerous heartbreaks from the wonderful guys. No! It was losing my first admission at Unizik. That was after staying there for one year!. No thanks to Mr. WAEC who saw my Mathematics result as worthy of being withheld. (To set the records straight, failing Maths at the first sitting was my own undoing. I dogged classes because my Mathematics teacher was no fun and made the subject. Seem like a monster). Since the admission was provisional, dependant on producing the Mathematics within a year, I lost the admission when I could not produce the result. I thought I would die. Imagine the time wasted and the one to be wasted writing another entrance examination.

It was the lowest moment in my life. Yet, glory to God for here I am, a well rounded graduate in the discipline of my choice from a school that helped bring out the best in me.




Now, still underemployed, still single, still loving, still daring, still caring, still improving, still forging ahead and winning my wars. I doff my cap for me. It definitely has not been an all-smooth ride, but I am happy that I came, I am seeing and I am conquering.



In this journey, I make bold to say that after God, my Mum has been awesome, an understatement, but for want of a better word, will have to suffice. kudos to my wonderful family and friends, love you all. TRIBUTE TO ALL OF US!